Considering capitalizing on the emerging industry of Cannabidiol (CBD) and becoming a vendor with VIVIS CBD?  In 2018, the Federal Farm bill paved the way for the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry for Hemp-Derived CBD.  VIVIS CBD products are 100% legal in all 50 states with Crystalline Cannabidiol or CBD Isolate as it’s CBD component.  This means all products have ZERO-THC.

VIVIS CBD is always looking at advancing the technology in the cannabis industry by creating products that are more pure and efficient with zero contaminants for our customers.  In 2019, Forbes predicted that the Hemp-Derived CBD Industry will reach $20 Billion.  You can now find CBD products in gas stations, pet stores, pharmacies, etc.  One of the challenges in the CBD industry is acquiring cost-effective and compliant CBD products.  This is why VIVIS CBD is 100% transparent with the industry as well as the products that we develop.  Both the batch of extracted CBD, as well as the products itself are third-party tested to guarantee quality and authenticity.

Guidelines to get Started

If you’re looking to jump into the world of CBD, it is wise to attend a few trade shows so you can do some due diligence on the industry.  Many companies will have very similar if not the exact same products.  It will all come down to having the proper education on the industry.  This is the reason why VIVIS CBD puts education first.  VIVIS will educated you on what’s the best application for CBD, which products will give you a higher benefit over others, how to read your COA (Certificate of Analysis), and more.

The CBD Industry can be an extremely lucrative opportunity with endless potential.  Right here at VIVIS CBD, we can guide you through the sales and distribution process properly.  Carpe diem, this is your opportunity to enter the world of legal cannabis and stock your shelves with one of the leading companies in CBD Technology.

Fill out a contact form today and get started with the wave of the future.

Private and White Label

Have you already made the plunge into the world of CBD?  Have you already created your own brand and need to source high quality and compliant products?  VIVIS Labs can help you create your own branded product through our white label line or you can create your own private label products.  We make all our products using fully compliant Full-Spectrum and Broad Spectrum distillate, and CBD Isolate.  Please fill out a contact form for more information.

Cultivation Consulting

If you’re looking to setup a cannabis cultivation facility, we can help you plan, design and build.

Lab Consulting

The founders of VIVIS are specialists in the industry on cannabis processing. We can help you setup an efficient lab to suit your needs.

Equipment Source

Equipment sourcing can be challenging. Here at VIVIS, we can source all the equipment you need from cultivation, production, and fulfillment.