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VIVIS performance CBD products are used by a few dozen top-level professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, PGA, NCAA, NHL, and Olympics. We carry a line of broad and full spectrum CBD oils for pain management, as well as high quality CBD gummies and sport CBD muscle balms. Our premium hemp extract CBD products are of the highest potency, with more consistency than any other brand. The difference between our products and other cannabinoids is our formulations. Our mission at VIVIS CBD products is your health. That’s why we continuously seek better solutions to help you with pain relief, performance enhancement, and sleep.

VIVIS THCA carts come in various flavors, and our THCP gummies are manufactured from natural sources without any synthetic ingredients. Our Delta 8 gummies contain 100mg of THC, and with 30 per container, you’ll be pain free longer. We are conveniently located in Katy, Texas, and our products are available at multiple retail outlets.

For high quality and great prices, visit our VIVIS online store and view the entire product line.

Dr. Andrew Limle

I have been amazingly blessed to have gotten to provide for nearly $4B in contracted professional athletes. I have used these products with at least a few dozen top level pro athletes (NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, NCAA, Olympics, ECHL to name a few). I have sampled products that cost 2-3x as much and are not nearly as effective. Great quality and great price make for one happy couple…and VIVIS is benchmark in the CBD market for this.

Dr. Andrew Limle, DC, CCSP, CSCS, AGFI, Dipl. Ac.

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